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Malaysian Research & Education Network


Asi@Connect provides dedicated high-capacity internet connectivity for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific; operating at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, it currently interconnects universities and research centres in 21 countries/economies across the region. It also connects to the 50 million European researchers and academics served by the GÉANT network and supports collaborative programmes in areas such as Earth observation, disaster warning, climate research, food security, delivery of e-health and e-learning.

Asi@Connect marks the 4th phase of EU funding to the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN)programme which was launched as an Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) initiative in 2001; it successfully established a regional research and education internet network (TEIN) from scratch in 2004 and progressively expanded its geographical footprint over the years. During this new phase, greater emphasis will be placed on delivering the project with increased involvement of additional partners within the Asia-Pacific R&E community.


The TEIN project provides many benefits and benefits to the local research community to expand the scope of their research to the rest of the world. Researchers in Malaysia can connect directly with the international research community only through the TEIN network. High -speed continued access to international research networks has a huge impact on local researchers.

This dedicated TEIN research network also provides an opportunity for the research community in Malaysia to conduct research together with researchers around the world in various disciplines such as earth observation, disaster warning, climate research, food safety, e-health delivery and e-learning.


One of the other benefits that can be availed as a member of TEIN is that the research community in Malaysia has the opportunity to obtain research grants offered by the European Commission and other countries in Asia. In addition, there is also the opportunity to obtain funding to participate in human capital development programs organized by TEIN and regional international programs.

The research community in Malaysia can also share information and establish cooperation through regional research and education networks such as Internet2 (United States), JANET (United Kingdom), KOREN (Korea), AARNET (Australia), and SINGAREN (Singapore).

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