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Case Studies

Malaysian Research & Education Network

Telemedicine – Helping Reduce Deaths from Cancer in Asia

It accounts for the deaths of some 28 men and 13 women per 100,000. In Japan, gastric cancer used to have a similar profile – number one in mortality, as well as in incidence. But now, although the incidence in Japan hasn’t changed much, mortality has fallen dramatically. The reason …

Telemedicine – spreading surgical best practice across Aisa-Pacific

Through telemedicine, technology and communications have radically changed healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling remote diagnosis and underpinning international collaboration. High-speed research and education internet networks, such as TEIN, enable a new phase of telemedicine by providing the ability to remotely train doctors on the latest medical techniques by streaming …


Mobile broadband is gradually becoming as important as fixed broadband, and in many countries smartphones have overtaken fixed desktops as the preferred method of getting online. Much of the growth is in the commercial and the consumer sectors, but not far behind is the demand for mobile internet access in …

OpenFlow – enabled SDN testbed over TEIN

The internet that we all know (an integral part of our life) has been around for nearly half a century. There have been many initiatives to explore the next generation of networks (also known as Future Internet) to meet the ever growing and diverse needs of users. Thus, over the …