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Domestic Network

Malaysian Research & Education Network

Domestic Network

MYREN is an inter-institutional network connecting academicians, researchers, and scientists nationwide via high-speed backbone network. The network is telco neutral and operates on dual stack (IPv4/IPv6) environment. Its main operation centre is located at Pusat Data Enstek (PDE), Nilai, the point of inter-connectivity for all members in Malaysia.

This network links all users for data exchange, communication, and related collaboration activities. MYREN is a single network infrastructure till date connecting public and private universities, polytechnics and college communities, public and private research institutes and teaching hospitals.

MYREN’s Point of Presence (PoP) is located at Institute of Higher Learning, co-managed by the hosting institution providing telco neutral network. MYREN also establishes peering to Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX).

Below is the network topology of the core network.


The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MYIX) is a non-profit and first neutral Internet Exchange where local Internet Service Providers (ISP) and content providers connect to exchange internet traffic. MyIX, an initiative under the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), reported that the Internet traffic in Malaysia is still on a rapid rise. MyIX currently has 87 members comprising government, content providers, ISPs, higher educational institutions, financial institutions, carriers, Telco’s and critical Internet resources. Current global members include Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. In December 2016, Internet traffic traversing through the National Internet Exchange nodes was 210 gigabit per second (Gbps).

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